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Award ceremonies

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Receiving an award boosts a person or company's worth in their field. The title 'Award winning' carries connotations of reputation and expertise – something that's priceless in any line of work! It also celebrates hard work, in turn making people feel appreciated and well-respected so I consider hosting them an absolute privilege to be part of.

Why Awards matter.....

Distinguishing yourself from the competition is challenging, and if you’re a small business or startup, this hurdle is even harder to overcome.

Whether you're an industry giant or new SME on the block, your customers want to know that you're good at what you do. Winning or even organising an Awards event demonstrates your enthusiasm for excellence, your ability to deliver and your skill in Leadership.

As a new business, it can also be difficult to gain credibility and market share when you don’t yet have a strong track record of delivering what you’ve promised.

Winning an entrepreneurial or small business award can help a company gain recognition and credibility and the benefits don't necessarily stop there. According to a study on U.S. businesses by British Quality Foundation, small award-winning companies experienced a 63 percent increase in operating income and a 39 percent growth in sales compared to non-winners.

In other words, it can pay to win ⁠— and you can’t win if you don’t enter and there are now a handful of extremely able companies able to help you understand your skillset, identify the event and walk off with the trophy! Ask for details here.

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